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    Incredible special effects


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    Incredible special effects Empty Incredible special effects

    Post by Joe on Wed Jan 20, 2010 8:51 am

    Now, remember that is is 1898. A man takes his head off 3 times in 1898 on film. 1898. This man is a pioneer. Imagine all the movies you've seen where people take their heads off, none of those would have happened this this guy didn't exist.

    The basic "plot" of the movie is that Georges decides he wishes to start a Barbershop Quartet, so he takes his own head off and grows a new one. He does this 3 times over. He begins to play with them but decides that they're not very good singers, so he gets rid of them.

    (The title means "A Man of Heads")

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    Incredible special effects Empty Re: Incredible special effects

    Post by gutfood on Wed Jan 20, 2010 11:33 am

    Woah, that is pretty amazing actually. Awesome.

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