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    Post by Leeham on Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:40 am

    any of you buy a magazine regularly, or as the case may be, irregularly?
    I buy five different mags,
    Mainly and monthly i buy a magazine called Metalhammer

    Magazines MetalHammer5100911173

    It features, interviews, reviews, posters, a free collabrative cd,information on new releases, new upcoming "unscene" bands...All based around metal music obviously, It is my favourite magazine and holds nothing back, full of strong opiniated people, with strongly opiniated views on certain music, and bands, which i just happen to agree with on most.

    Then theres a magazine called rocksound,
    based on mos
    tly new rock bands, its a friendlier lighter format than metalhammer, and I normally buy it if I already have the current metalhammer, much of the same stuff, just slightly different.

    Magazines RockSound_Nov_09_issue_128

    Kerrang is another magazine, I buy rarely when theres something in it I like, I cant stand all the emoey, poppy boring samey shit, I like stuff with an edge to it, Im not interested in whether the lead singer is a pretty boy or not....
    And thats one of kerrang magazines flaws, sometimes it has an interesting article
    Magazines Slipknot-Kerrang-Cover-slipknot-1882889-300-400

    Then theres the Prog Rock magazine, a sub division of Classic rock magazine...
    Obviously its all about prog rock bands, reviews, interviews all that kind of shit, its very adult most of it, meaning it has a lot of dialogue and interestingly hard-to-stomach words, but ultimately a different and long winded read....featuring some new and inventive and old and legendary, bands.

    Magazines 0clasprog

    Then Rhythm magazine, which is yep, you guessed it, all about drumming, I prefer this drumming magazine to any other, for its glossy pages, and interest to mostly rock drummers, than any other, as well as its eye boggling reviews on new drum hardware which makes me jizz and drool I must confess....

    Magazines Rhythm24909144829


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    Post by Joe on Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:09 am

    We're subscribed to Fortean Times, which is collections of the strangest news stories from around the world, as well as reports on the latest conspiracy theories (the magazine only explains them, not supports them).

    It's a pretty damn interesting magazine.

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    Post by Leeham on Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:11 am

    sounds pretty sweet actually, I Loveeeeeeee conspiracies cus im a bit ofa nut bounce Twisted Evil

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    Post by Katie on Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:46 am

    Such a good topic.

    Magazines Arjanwrites_qmagazine
    Q Magazine - basically has a range of artists in it, so I usually prefer this one as it doesnt focus on one genre. Has good photo's in it too - quite vintagey. Yeah.

    Magazines 4t8vmts
    They focus a lot of newly developed bands, and the major bands. Its a really good read, quite interesting & you always discover a new band that you end up wanting to check out. And the photos are really cool (I'm all about the pictures).

    Magazines Drew-barrymore-elle-magazine-cover-may-2009
    Elle Magazine - Its a bit self explainatory when you look at the cover.

    Magazines Gemma-w-vogue-it-cover
    Now Vogue is just amazing. Such inspirational fashion ideas, stories etc. One of the most artistic magazines I've ever come across. I also love the fact that they don't just publish their magazines with trashy celebrities. Its much more sophisticated. But its pricey and unfortunately I can't buy it every month.

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    Post by melissapwnz on Sat Jan 23, 2010 4:44 pm

    Haha Liam, I love the poppy shitty stuff everyone hates in the Kerrang! magazine :')
    I don't buy it often though 'cause I can't be bothered/unless someone I love is in it.

    I'm a sucker for pointless girl magazines.
    They're so lame, but addictive :S
    Especially Sugar.
    Magazines 30lnt54
    The good thing is that they have a lot of competitions to win random stuff! They have like one competition everyday where you have a keyword from the magazine and you enter it online to be in the shuffle to win a particular item like a Wii, or a set of books, etc.
    Sugar also comes with this REALLY weird, lame magazine called "Lad Mag" which is supposedly about "what guys think" LMFAO.
    Magazines Ladmag-cover
    I can honestly say that the majority of the "hot guys" in the magazine are quite eurgh D; Especially the Jonas Brothers. It was the only example of the magazine I could find. LMFAO.
    OHOHOH!!! AND there's a silly feature in "Lad Mag" called "Things That We Find Funny That Girls Don't Understand" that I usually die of laughter at and I'm like "what? I understand this. Dumbasses" :')

    Guilty pleasure, but so ridiculous.

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