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    Febuary Half Term: Would anyone care for a spot of camping?


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    Febuary Half Term: Would anyone care for a spot of camping?

    Post by Joe on Thu Jan 14, 2010 2:03 pm

    Discussions arose today of a POSSIBLE camp in Febuary half term.

    If it goes ahead, we'll be holding the camp in our usual campsite, Lyons Copse, at the "patrol area" which is a cool, shaded area within the woods, sheltered by the trees.

    There will be a hike among other activities.

    It is, so far, just an idea. Me and Sonnie have played with the concept of brining non-Scouts along with us at some point.

    You would need:
    Your own tent
    Sensible clothes (it will be cold)
    Sleeping bag
    And other equipment

    There is nothing set in stone so far, but if you're interested in coming along then let me know HERE and I'll make sure your name is down. If we don't camp in Febuary there will definitely be another oppurtunity later in the year.

    Oh, and as per the campsite rules and indeed the regulations of the Scout Association I'm not allowed to permit alcohol. Myself and Sonnie and others will be there as Scouts and one of us will be the Camp Leader, who will be held responsible if any alcohol is found onsite.

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