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    Looks like I'll be writing a game


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    Looks like I'll be writing a game Empty Looks like I'll be writing a game

    Post by Joe on Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:54 pm

    MAGS is a competition that runs once a month. Teams or indivuduals must design a game using "AGS" in under a month and present it to the judges.

    This month is "30-60s horror clichés". Igor Hardy (who I write for at hardydev.com) has proposed that I help him write a game for an entry.


    I have 11 days to come up with a horror adventure game. Any ideas or inspirations you want to share will be considered.

    As far as it goes so far, I'm only writing. I have no clue how to use AGS, so Igor will be composing the game.

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